What Snacks Should I Bring Along on My Road Trip?

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Road Trip Snacks

Best Road Trip Snacks

Are you planning on a road trip this summer? Here at The Auto Source, we love road trips, and we want to help you make the most of yours! One small way that we want to help is to share the best road trip snacks that are both healthy and mess-free!

Best Road Trip Beverage

From our experience, water has been the best beverage. We mentioned in our summertime driving health and safety blog that water keeps you hydrated and focused. What we love the most about drinking water during road trips is that this beverage is calorie and fat free, and it does not leave a sticky mess if a spill occurs!

Snacks That are High in Protein

Protein-packed snacks are perfect for road trips because they fill you up quickly! Our favorites that we like to bring along are almonds, low-sugar protein bars, and string cheese!

What Kind of Vegetables Should I Bring on a Road Trip?

We absolutely love eating vegetables while on the road! Our favorites are celery sticks, carrot sticks, and bell pepper slices. Dehydrated vegetables like dry roasted edamame (also very high in protein) or kale, beet, and Brussels sprout chips are also great options!

What Fruits are Good for Road Trips?

As much as we love fresh fruit, we find that most options are too juicy and messy for long car rides. However, we love dehydrated options like banana chips!

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Sweet Treats for Road Trips

Honestly, we try to stay away from treats loaded with sugar during road trips due to health reasons. If you are looking for a couple of snacks that are on the sweeter side, we suggest bringing flavored mini rice cakes or animal crackers.

Let The Auto Source Help Get You Started on Your Road Trip!

Before you pack up the snacks, you need a reliable vehicle that will get you to your destination! Check out our inventory and give us a call if you see something that you like!

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