Pick the right car for Florida driving

April 21st, 2016 by

Ford Mustang

What are the best cars to drive in Florida?

Do you ever find yourself going about your day doing your routine errands and tasks and stopping to realize just how lucky we are to live here in Florida? Florida is one of the most beautiful and unique locations in the United States, even the entire world! We have a climate and ecosystem special to the region, and our lifestyles reflect this. One way to best accommodate our lives in this one-of-a-kind state is to be sure you are driving the right car. All cars are fine, really, but there may be certain ones which are better suited or more appropriate for our location than others. So what are the best cars to drive in Florida? Keep reading to find out!


Best cars for Florida weather

The most obvious choice for a Florida car is a used convertible. Convertibles let you drop the top and open up to the magnificent world outside. Get your vitamin D fix when the sun shines down on you throughout your commute, and feel the wind blowing through your hair as the convertible hugs every curve. Take a spin in an iconic Ford Mustang Convertible. Command the Florida highways in a luxurious Cadillac Convertible. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy what Florida has to offer throughout your entire ride.

Other things to think about in terms of cars that are best suited for Florida weather are the Florida sun and the saltwater air. The sun can be quite brutal around here, and if you live near the coast, such as Tampa, the salty air from the ocean can play a role in the condition of your car as well. Make sure that, whatever car you have, you are cleaning it and polishing it regularly to protect it from the elements.

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Used cars available near Tampa

The Auto Source is proud to stock a variety of cars suited for our distinct climate. We sell convertibles from different brands, such as Chrysler and Chevrolet. We also stock sports cars, including the classic Chevrolet Corvette, so you can roar like thunder into the balmy Florida nights. Make the Auto Source your source for the best cars in Florida!