Many of Our Used Vehicles Have Infotainment Options!

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Infotainment Options in Used Vehicles

One of the latest technologies that can be found in vehicles is an infotainment system. Drivers have fallen in love with this technology because of its many capabilities. Luckily, infotainment systems are no longer reserved for brand new vehicles! Many of the used vehicles on our sales lot—especially the late-year models—have infotainment systems available, which will make daily commuting and long-distance road trips easier!

Music Options with Infotainment Systems

With an included infotainment system, driving around Orlando and beyond will be even more fun! In addition to AM/FM radio and CD players, there are USB plug-ins available so you can hook up your iPod or smartphone and listen to your specially-made playlists! Not only that—many systems are able to wirelessly stream your smartphone’s music playlists via Bluetooth!

Hands-Free Communication

We know how important it is to stay connected with friends and family while on the road, whether it is to let your kids know that you are running a little late or your spouse calls to ask you to pick up a gallon of milk. We also know that it is dangerous to drive while using your phone. Many of the infotainment systems available in our used vehicles offer hands-free calling and texting by safely using voice command, buttons on the steering wheel, or a touch screen embedded in the dash!

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Easy Navigation

While it never hurts to keep a map or atlas in the glovebox, navigating around Orlando and the rest of the United States will be much easier when built-in navigation is available with the infotainment system! The navigation system will tell you where you need to turn and help you get to your destination efficiently! With a built-in navigation system, you won’t need to pull over your vehicle to read your map or depend on your shotgun rider to be your navigator!

Research Capabilities

We all hope that our road trips will go smoothly. Thanks to research capabilities available in some infotainment systems, you will be able to find nearby restaurants in a snap, along with look up current weather forecasts, traffic conditions, and fuel prices!

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