What Kind of Used Vehicle Should 16-Year-Old Olympian Kanak Jha Drive?

August 9th, 2016 by

Teen Driver

Best Kinds of Used Vehicles for Young Drivers

The 2016 Olympics down in Rio de Janeiro are underway, and already there have been some incredible moments. What we are always most amazed by are the extremely talented athletes who are quite young—young enough to not be driving yet! One of these athletes is 16-year-old Kanak Jha, who is part of the American table tennis team. Maybe once the Olympics conclude, he can reward himself with one of the best kinds of used vehicles for young drivers!

Used Vehicles for Less than $10,000

American Olympians who win a gold medal will receive $25,000. Silver medalists earn $15,000 and bronze winners will walk away with $10,000. If Kanak Jha wins, he will have a nice chunk of change to spend on a used vehicle. If he (or any other young driver) go with a high-quality used vehicle for less than $10,000 he will have plenty of funds left over to invest in further coaching for the next Olympic games (to take place in Tokyo) or future schooling.

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Fuel-Efficient Used Vehicles

Olympic athletes are frequently on the go between practice, competitions, media coverage, and just trying to live life. They, along with any other young driver, would greatly benefit from a used vehicle that is also fuel-efficient. With a fuel efficient vehicle, Kanak Jha could spend more time practicing or getting where he needs to be rather than making frequent stops at the fuel pump. And with better fuel efficiency, he can save his money and spend it on a display case for his medals!

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