Get a great deal on a used car this Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day used car sale in Orlando FL

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting hotter. Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, signaling the unofficial beginning of summer. If you are fortunate, you will have an extra day off to extend your weekend festivities. If you have been thinking about upgrading your wheels, you are in luck! As we prepare to kick off the magnificent summer season, we are preparing to offer steep discounts on our inventory! Read on for more information about our Memorial Day used car sale in Orlando FL.

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The Auto Source CARFAX Memorial Day Sale

The Auto Source is a preferred dealer with CARFAX, and we are teaming up with them for a huge sale this Memorial Day weekend! At the Auto Source, we already pride ourselves on giving you low prices, even prices that are below Kelley Blue Book value, but we are still slashing those prices down even more to help you kickstart your summer in style. We have a wide variety of automobiles available in different styles, like SUVs and luxury models, all from worldwide auto manufacturers. Chances are pretty good that you will find something you like on our lot, and Memorial Day weekend will give you the opportunity to get what you want for a great price.

The importance of getting the CARFAX

We are proud to be a partner with CARFAX, because the services they provide are very important to car shoppers. Getting the CARFAX vehicle history means getting the story behind the car. How many owners did it have? Has it been in any accidents? This is all information that can help you in your decision, and it is vital that you have all the information you can get your hands on. Stop in at the Auto Source this Memorial Day weekend for big savings and great deals!

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